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Growing your family is as challenging as it is exciting, in all sorts of ways -- but those challenges shouldn't include unnecessary discomfort or health and wellness threats. That's why Bartell Chiropractic Life Center is happy to serve as your prenatal and pediatric chiropractor for Deerfield Beach and Boca Raton. Our gentle, safe, natural techniques can help expectant mothers feel better and optimize their health during pregnancy while also helping children enjoy the best possible opportunity to grow and develop to their full physical potential.

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How Our Prenatal Chiropractor Can Help Your Pregnancy

The nine months of an average pregnancy can seem like a very long stretch of time when you're suffering from prenatal aches and pains. It's only natural that the changes in body weight and distribution might cause such problems, as the spinal curvature shifts into a "swayback" posture to accommodate the enlarging abdomen. These shifts can create back pain, neck pain and pinched nerves that send pain and other uncomfortable sensations throughout the body. Muscles also undergo strain, resulting in tension headaches and other pains. Hormonal changes can promote both discomfort and swelling of the extremities. Fortunately, our prenatal chiropractor can address all of these symptoms through conservative care.

Spinal adjustments from our prenatal chiropractor can be both perfectly safe and highly beneficial for pregnant patients. Even the simplest adjustments can have a profound effect by relieving nerve impingement, which not only puts a stop to referred pain but also helps normalize all your other physical functions, including hormonal and musculoskeletal balances. Best of all, your enhanced wellness enhances your odds for an easy, uncomplicated delivery.

Why You Need a Chiropractor for Babies and Older Kids

Once your new family member has arrived, you'll be happy to know that Dr. Bartell is also a skilled chiropractor for babies! Even newborns may have spinal alignment problems related to the delivery, and our gentle adjustments can ensure that these children's balance, coordination, nerve function and overall development get the best possible start in life. Our pediatric chiropractor can continue to monitor your child's spinal alignment throughout those first few years of walking, running, playing and (inevitably) falling down.

School-age kids can benefit from ongoing chiropractic checkups and treatments. Our spinal screenings can help detect a case of scoliosis in its earliest stages, allowing our pediatric chiropractor to recommend prompt treatment to get it under control. We can also keep your child's spine in line through year after year of heavy backpacks and school sports activities. If an injury or other painful problem occurs, we're right here to provide drug-free, surgery-free relief.

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