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"In June of this year, about 5 months ago now, the headrest airbag in my car went off for no reason and hit me hard in the back of the head. I immediately developed a terrible headache that lasted for three days before I finally went to see a doctor at the urgent care center. She took X-rays and told me that I had an injury to my neck that was causing the headache, and prescribed muscle relaxers and pain medication. This did help with the pain, but I still never felt like my neck was right.
It was a couple of months later that I started to experience dizziness and sometimes loss of balance. Then one day I remember feeling really off, just achy and generally bad all day. That day I had the first attack of extreme vertigo. I was in the bathroom and my husband came running in because I was SCREAMING. It felt like I was in a box that someone was shaking and turning all different directions. Finally I was able to lay flat on the floor and began to feel better, and I remember thinking, “I need a chiropractor.”
Well I just live on Google, so the first thing I did was look up vertigo, and I found that a lot of other people said that chiropractic was the best thing. Just to be sure though, I went back to the doctor who had seen me right after the airbag incident, and she said that it could be caused by any number of things and probably had to do with my inner ear, so she gave me some more meds to stop dizziness. Hah! That didn’t work! So I found myself at Dr. Bartell’s office.
When Dr. Bartell saw the X-rays of my neck, he looked at them in a whole different way than the other doctor. He was able to show me how those problems were causing pressure on the nerves in my neck and explain how they could be causing the vertigo, the headaches, the achiness, pretty much all of my symptoms. I began to feel better very quickly after beginning my care with him, at first coming three times a week, and gradually reducing the number of visits.
Now I’ve been getting adjusted about three months. No more vertigo! All of the other symptoms are much better, too, although I’m not quite one hundred per cent yet. Every once in a while I feel just a little bit dizzy, but now I can feel where my neck is out, and as soon as I get my adjustment it usually feels better immediately. That’s how I know that the schedule he recommends is the right way and I need to keep my appointments. I can really tell if I miss! Chiropractic is the only thing that helped me."

- Brenda H.

"My first experience with a chiropractor was actually with my mother-in-law back in 1993. She used to walk leaning badly to one side as though one leg was much shorter than the other, and she’d been walking that way all the time I’d known her. I was with her in the grocery store one day, when a man standing behind us in the checkout line excused himself to her and said, “You’ve had this problem for at least 20 or 25 years, haven’t you?” She answered that she had, and wanted to know why he asked. He said, “Because I can help you with this problem.” The gentleman was a chiropractor from New Zealand, who had been practicing already for 50 years. In 3 months my mother-in-law was straight as an arrow, and walking fine.
Not long after that I hurt my back getting out of the car, and I tell you I couldn’t even stand up. They were going to call the ambulance to take me to the hospital, but I refused. “Just get me home, I told them, and I’ll call the chiropractor. He’ll help me.” I had had previous back surgeries and I did not want to see any other kind of doctor. Later that day my mother-in-law drove me to the office of the same chiropractor that helped her. It was a Saturday, and he came in the office to take care of me, and he was able to help me too.
I was so glad for those previous experiences in 2003, as I sat in the neurosurgeon’s office discussing my neck. At that time I was dealing with two different situations. I had a severe vascular condition in my right leg, for which I had already refused surgery and amputation of my foot, and this terrible pain in my neck, for which I was taking medication and having injections with little relief. I was talking to the neurosurgeon about my neck just then, and he said, “Look, this is my specialty, and I’m telling you that you are not going to have this surgery on your neck. You’re going to go see this doctor. He is my personal chiropractor. I see him for an adjustment every week, and he will be able to help you.” Not only did he help me with my neck, which I have still not had surgery on 10 years later, but in addition to adjustments he made recommendations that allowed me to restore the blood flow in my leg and I still have healthy function in a foot that I was told would have to be amputated.
So now in 2013 I am seeing Dr. Bartell. Again I had an issue with my back after reaching for something and later pushing furniture. It was excruciating, and the orthopedist gave me oxycodone, which did not help at all. I suffered for a couple of weeks, and he told me that he did not want me going to the chiropractor. Finally I told him, “You don’t decide what kind of doctor I should see to help me. I decide that myself, and I am going to the chiropractor. “ Once again, I am feeling back to normal. It is frightening to me how many people just listen to medical advice that can drastically change their lives with unnecessary drugs and surgery, instead of going where their problem could be addressed without those measures.
My life was changed because two men, the chiropractor in the grocery store, and later the neurosurgeon I was referred to, were brave enough to speak up for what they believed was the right thing. Because I can think for myself and not just blindly follow directions, I have been able to avoid measures that would have severely diminished my quality of life, and each time turned to chiropractic instead."

- Robert B.

"When I first started coming here I was having awful headaches…I mean, it was just so bad. Almost daily. The pain was just terrible, almost like a migraine. Since coming here I have not had a single headache like that. Maybe once a month I get a headache, but it’s nowhere near that kind of pain, I almost don’t even think about it.
Another problem I had been having was that almost every time I ate a meal the food would come back up on me to the point of vomiting. I was very surprised that after I started getting adjusted this problem improved also. Of course now I understand how nerve interference in the spine can affect my digestive system.
I had a car accident about three years ago, but I didn’t think there was anything wrong with me. Now I realize that the severe headaches had really started after that accident. I also had some pain in my neck all the time, especially from keeping my head turned to one side. But as these symptoms got worse, I kept telling myself that it was because my job was stressful, and I’m sure that aggravated everything. I never thought I might have injured my neck.
I didn’t really consider going to a chiropractor, but my fiancé was really pushing me to see Dr. Bartell, and the headaches were so terrible, so I decided to see if getting adjustments could help. I’m so glad I listened to him!
Right now I almost never have headaches, and my neck doesn’t bother me nearly as much. I’m able to eat without any problems most of the time. I know the problems in my spine are still there, but over time they will be corrected. Usually after I get adjusted I feel great, but I know I need to come back! It’s amazing how much an injury I didn’t even think I had was affecting my life."

- Megan G.

"My son Julius got adjusted the first time when he was almost one month old. I had made the appointment with Dr. Bartell for myself, and I was not sure at all that I wanted him to touch my baby. He was so tiny and fragile. I’m pretty sure I asked Dr. Bartell if he was certain he knew what he was doing. Now I’m so glad I let him adjust Julius.
I feel like I had been worried about Julius from the moment he was born. At his birth, my doctor was not in the room and the nurse was by herself for a few minutes while they called him. Afterwards I kept wondering if she had done something wrong. My baby cried all the time. He was always constipated and colicky. He wasn’t sleeping well. He never seemed to be happy or comfortable, and it seemed there was nothing I could do.
Since he got adjusted Julius is doing great! He had a normal bowel movement almost immediately, and has not been constipated again. He is not fussy anymore and he’s sleeping all night. His growth and weight and everything have been perfect and he is a normal happy baby now. Chiropractic care was the best choice for both of us!"

- Cynthia R.

Dr. Lisa Bartell is amazing! her bedside manner is great - Bartell Chiropractic is family owned and they take great care to educate patients on the process of recovery and rehabilitation. This is the first practice I have visited that takes such care. 

- Shannon M.

I’ve been seeing Dr. Bartell for 2 months now. I decided to start my chiropractic care when I was in so much pain that I could barley sleep at night and had to keep on taking Advil and melatonin every night. When we went over my first x-rays I was shocked.

- Melanie F.

This place is a life line!! Dr. Bartell and his dynamic team helps to create an atmosphere of peace, hope and transformation!!! Thank you! Because of your enlightenment I ceased to exist and truly began to live in the liberty wherewith I am disease free. 

- Alaila F.

The staff is very friendly and accommodating, Dr. Bartell is the best there is. He helped me immensely the last 3 months and pinpointed my current issues without me saying a word. Highly recommend!

- Melissa G.

Best chiropractor I've ever been to! From Brittany at the front desk to Dr. Bartell they are the best! Dr. Bartell is VERY experienced, caring, and most of all VERY effective. He also educates you so you can make the life changes needed to have a healthier life. 

- Brian T.

I've been going to chiropractors for years. Really happy to find a really good one. Both father and daughter are super. Thumbs up times 10. 

- Cookie W.

Very caring, warm and friendly staff. Really show they truly care for your well being. 

- Monique Y.

Best Chiropractor in town. Highly recommend!! 

- Arman, M.

Excellent service. 

- Juan B.

Very professional and friendly staff. They make you feel right at home. There is a very high level of expertise they know what they're doing! 

- Dana F.

Great professional service in friendly environment. 

- Jeff L.

Adjustments help and office run in a pleasant, punctual manner. 

- Steven A.

Dr Bartell is always caring, concerned and willing to listen. 

- Dr. Terry S.

Good people to work with job well done getting my back better. 

- Scott E.

Kind spirited staff. Unbelievable results in short period of time. They are all there for you. 

- Sheri G.

Fantastic knowledgeable caring Chiropractor....results oriented and the easing of my back pain..highly recommend as l have been seeing Chiropractors 50 yrs! 

- Diane T.

Dr Bartell is truly committed to getting his patients well. He works with you whether one has insurance or not. His compassion, interest, one on one focus, and patience cannot be compared to any Doctor I have seen in south Florida. 

- Joseph S.

Excellent care and results! 

- Jodi G.

From the very first person you meet at the desk Brittany, (She is just AWESOME!) to Dr. Bartell it is just a great experience. Dr. Mike Bartell is not only an SUPER Chiropractor but an amazingly nice person. He knows so much and has saved me from much pain. 

-Brian T.

BCLC is the place to get fix. Before you try any surgery or something else, visit then first! You will not be disappointed. The staff goes above and beyond (specially Brittany)and Dr. Bartell is an amazing chiropractor. 

- Carlos F.

Expert service, from DR. Bartell and all the staff. Friendliest professional group possible. Best Chiropractor I know. 

- Ron G.

Dedicated, efficient, punctual 

- Dr. Martin B.

I drive 40 miles to go see Dr. Bartell. Over the years I have seen quite a few .. and he is the best I know.. office staff is gracious.

- Amazia G.


- Linda F.

Good staff!! 

- Fritzner S.

Yvonne S. Awesome customer service. Will you please open up here in Lake Placid? 

- Linda H.

Outstanding Doc & staff ! 

- Jon T.

Friendly and effective tax. So hello and convenient hours 

- Dr. Nancy L.

Very knowledgeable doctor who can give therapy for every problem. 

- Ginger K.

I’ve been coming to Dr Bartell since May of 2018 when I couldn’t turn my head from right to left it was pretty scary. I can honestly say that I feel great after several months of treatment and I sometimes forget how bad the pain had been. I would highly recommend Dr. Bartell. 

- Sandra A.

Dr. Bartell and his team are the best in the business! Give them a call!

- Daniel R.

“I have been seeing bartell on and off for 30 years and no matter how many times i've tried others closer to home always go back to dr.bartell for corrections. thank you dr bartell for being who you are, and a hurry for his staff.” 

- Milton T.

Great professional. Outstanding in every way. Highly recommend. 

- Peter R. 

Dr Bartell has a very modem facility and there is a minimal wait time. | find the staff very organized, friendly, and helpful. Dr. Bartell is a seasoned veteran who has a very holistic approach to healing problems and uses many different techniques and suggests exercises to improve the structure of the spine. I had a car accident and also have TMJ (jaw) problems. In just a few weeks | am feeling significantly better and am more mobile. Dr. Bartell is an honest, friendly and explains the process in an understandable manner. He came recommended by my Dentist who is also a patient. | highly recommend using his services as a Chiropractor. 

- Francie R. 

I have been going to Dr. Bartell for almost a month and i can already feel change in my back and neck. He teaches you about your body and is very welcoming with any questions and concerns. Awesome chiropractic experience!!! 

- Bree E. 

Dr. Bartell is AMAZING! On my first visit I was having serious back pains and neck pains I have been going to Dr. Bartell for about 3 weeks and I already feel a huge difference. This is a great place Dr Bartell is very informative and has a great staff! 

- Nicole G. 

Dr. Bartell took me from having neck/back pain on a daily basis to rarely experiencing pain at all. His adjustments continue to help me stay in optimum health and would recommend him to anyone with pain issues or looking for general wellness.

- Kendall G. 

I had gone to Dr. Bartell 28 years ago for a debilitating stiff neck caused by a pinched nerve. In a short time I was cured and I remained pain free all these years. I recently had shoulder pain and started visiting again, and again my should pain disappeared. I highly recommend him for anyone experiencing any pain or discomfort. Expect miracles. 

- Debbie G. 

After dealing with terrible headaches and trying to treat myself with over the counter medication for so long, I was introduced to Dr. Bartell. Not only did he help me with my pain, but most importantly he help my son with his constant nose bleeds (which no medicine doctor we seen had any real answers for) He helped me realize that chiropractic is more then just for back pain and that the real medicine is within our own body's. Thank you so much to you and your amazing staff for genuinely caring about us. 

 - Irene J.

Alway walk out feeling better. 'm a massage therapist and place a lot of pressure on my body. | love that I can get in anytime needed and don't have to wait for an appointment on a certain day. Great staff too! 

- Stacie C. 

Whenever I am not feeling well all I have to do is go to Dr. Bartell and he and his staff always get me right in and there is a massive improvement in my health after an adjustment.... going to continue for the rest of my life on a maintenance program. 

- Ginger K. 

They're the best. Dr Bartell and his staff are great. 

- Derek A. 

Dr. Bartell is amazing! Highly recommended!

- Alina W. 

I just returned from Deerfield beach. When arriving I could hardly walk a city block without pain in my back and down the front leg. After several visits, I am close to pain free and can walk over ten blocks and without pain. I would definitely recommend Dr. Bartell and his staff. Thanks again. 

- Don P.

Dr. Bartell has become more than just a chiropractor he has become a family friend, He has been treating me and members of my family for over 5 years and we wouldn't use anyone else. 

- Carnal W.

Good place for treating root cause of pain and inflammation. 

- Kathleen M.

Dr bartellis the best chiropractic !! He listens to your problems an concerns. After adjustments I'm always feeling much better. 

– Brya B.

Have been to Dr. Bar tell before several years ago when working in Fl, and returned because he practices wellness with chiropractic, and encourages getting to root cause of pain and inflammation, done by ongoing adjustments along with diet and exercise.

- Kathleen M.

Dr Bartell provides the highest quality Chiropractic services and operates a highly efficient office. He and his staff deliver verifiable value and have always been very considerate and respectful of my time.

- Rick P.

Feeling so much better. Back to walking again without pain in my hip and sleeping better! 

- Helen V.

Dr Bartell has been adjusting me for years. Every time I experience brain fog, concentration issues, or random head pain, the adjustments, I always get me right back on track. 

- Matthe M.

The BEST chiropractor! | always leave his office feeling GREAT! He listens to all your concerns and just by touch he knows exactly where to adjust you and it's amazing how you feel when you leave! This man is a gem. 

- Donna K.

I've had lower back pain and neck pain and felt relief immediately from my first visit. I'm very happy coming here. Staff is very friendly and doctor is amazing! I definitely recommend this office to everyone. 

-Norma S.

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