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Quality Chiropractic Care at Bartell Chiropractic Life Center in Deerfield Beach & Boca Raton, FL

At Bartell Chiropractic Life Center, we provide personalize chiropractic treatment for injuries, chronic pain, and general wellness. If you have not been to our chiropractic clinic serving Deerfield Beach FL & Boca Raton FL, learn what to expect when you begin treatment with our chiropractor, Dr. Bartell. Chiropractic Treatment of Injuries

Dr. Bartell uses chiropractic care to promote general wellness and improve your full body health, and for the relief of pain and inflammation associated with injuries and chronic pain.


If you were recently injured in an auto accident, bad fall, workplace accident, or while playing sports, come to our chiropractic clinic. We'll check you out, provide chiropractic adjustments for natural pain relief, and restore your full health without using pain medication. We can even treat repetitive strain issues, such as golfer's elbow or carpal tunnel. 

If you suffer from chronic pain due to TMJ, shoulder pain, knee pain, sciatica, neck pain, back pain, fibromyalgia, or arthritis, we can help you find natural relief. 

The founding principle of chiropractic is that your body can heal itself, using the nervous system. Chiropractic adjustments are the tool that keeps your spine free of interferences, without dangerous medication or invasive procedures. When your spine is clear and properly aligned, your nervous system can naturally keep your body free of disease. 

Along with providing wellness care for adults, we offer pediatric chiropractic care. This alleviates growing pains, helps kids stay healthy and active, and reduces back pain from heavy backpacks. Pediatric chiropractic adjustments also relieve symptoms and prevent long-term effects from birth trauma and early toddler trauma due to frequent falls while your child learns to walk. Our adjustments keep your little ones in the best possible health without using medication. 

In addition to chiropractic adjustment to end pain and initiate healing, we can provide you with personalized attention and advice for optimal wellness. 

What to Expect When Receiving Chiropractic Care at Bartell Chiropractic Life Center 

Dr. Bartell treats every patient as unique because you are. When you begin seeing us, we will take a thorough exam and health history. We'll focus on examining your spine and identifying subluxations or blockages that prevent the nervous system from working smoothly. 

Then we use hands-on or instrument-aided adjustments to the cervical and lumbar spine. Every adjustment decreases inflammation, pain, and pressure. While it takes several appointments to treat your underlying conditions, most patients report a decrease in their symptoms as soon as they begin chiropractic care in Deerfield Beach & Boca Raton FL! 

Dr. Bartell has over 30 years of experiencing serving the Boca Raton & Deerfield Beach FL communities. Our patients receive the benefit of this experience through lifestyle advice, nutrition tips, and wellness suggestions that help you live your best life. Join our patient community to experience the healing difference for yourself. 

See a Chiropractor Near You in Deerfield Beach & Boca Raton 

Reserve your first appointment with a chiropractor near me by contacting Dr. Bartell at 954-426-3200 or complete the appointment request form on our website. We look forward to helping you and your family find wellness naturally! 

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